Commit 18417c9e authored by Robert Schilling's avatar Robert Schilling

Grapify all endpoints of the deploy keys API

parent 6c65f7a7
......@@ -38,26 +38,25 @@ module API
present key, with: Entities::SSHKey
# TODO: for 9.0 we should check if params are there with the params block
# grape provides, at this point we'd change behaviour so we can't
# Behaviour now if you don't provide all required params: it renders a
# validation error or two.
desc 'Add new deploy key to currently authenticated user' do
success Entities::SSHKey
params do
requires :key, type: String, desc: 'The new deploy key'
requires :title, type: String, desc: 'The name of the deploy key'
post ":id/#{path}" do
attrs = attributes_for_keys [:title, :key]
attrs[:key].strip! if attrs[:key]
# Check for an existing key joined to this project
key = user_project.deploy_keys.find_by(key: attrs[:key])
key = user_project.deploy_keys.find_by(key: params[:key])
if key
present key, with: Entities::SSHKey
# Check for available deploy keys in other projects
key = current_user.accessible_deploy_keys.find_by(key: attrs[:key])
key = current_user.accessible_deploy_keys.find_by(key: params[:key])
if key
user_project.deploy_keys << key
present key, with: Entities::SSHKey
......@@ -65,7 +64,7 @@ module API
# Create a new deploy key
key = attrs
key = false))
if key.valid? && user_project.deploy_keys << key
present key, with: Entities::SSHKey
......@@ -73,19 +73,14 @@ describe API::DeployKeys, api: true do
post api("/projects/#{}/deploy_keys", admin), { title: 'invalid key' }
expect(response).to have_http_status(400)
expect(json_response['message']['key']).to eq([
'can\'t be blank',
'is invalid'
expect(json_response['error']).to eq('key is missing')
it 'should not create a key without title' do
post api("/projects/#{}/deploy_keys", admin), key: 'some key'
expect(response).to have_http_status(400)
expect(json_response['message']['title']).to eq([
'can\'t be blank'
expect(json_response['error']).to eq('title is missing')
it 'should create new ssh key' do
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