Commit 09bf2de1 authored by Mike Lewis's avatar Mike Lewis

Add quotes on label names

parent 912195ea
......@@ -13,19 +13,19 @@
<!-- Un-comment the lines for the applicable doc issue type and delete the others. -->
<!-- /label ~docs:fix
<!-- /label ~"docs:fix"
Correction or clarification needed. -->
<!-- /label ~docs:new
<!-- /label ~"docs:new"
New doc needed to cover a new topic or use case. -->
<!-- /label ~docs:improvement
<!-- /label ~"docs:improvement"
Improving an existing doc; e.g. adding a diagram, adding or rewording text, resolving redundancies, cross-linking, etc. -->
<!-- /label ~docs:revamp
<!-- /label ~"docs:revamp"
Review a page or group of pages in order to plan and implement major improvements/rewrites. -->
<!-- /label ~docs:other
<!-- /label ~"docs:other"
Anything else. -->
### Problem to solve
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