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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into add-star-for-action-scope · b9a81473
    Lin Jen-Shin authored
    * upstream/master: (184 commits)
      Fix issues with pdf-js dependencies
      fix missing changelog entries for security release on 2017-01-23
      Update top bar issues icon
      Fix pipeline icon in contextual nav for projects
      Since mysql is not a priority anymore, test it less
      Fix order of CI lint ace editor loading
      Add container registry and spam logs icons
      Fix different Markdown styles
      Backport to CE for:
      Make new dropdown dividers full width
      Fix spec
      Fix spec
      Fix spec
      Bump GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION and GITALY_VERSION to support unhiding refs
      Add changelog
      Install yarn via apt in update guides
      Use long curl options
      Add a spec for concurrent process
      Remove monkey-patched Array.prototype.first() and last() methods
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