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    Use a 32-byte version of db_key_base for web hooks · 2f2b0ad3
    Nick Thomas authored
    AES-256-GCM cipher mode requires a key that is exactly 32 bytes long.
    We already handle the case when the key is too long, by truncating, but
    the key can also be too short in some installations. Switching to a key
    that is always exactly the right length (by virtue of right-padding
    ASCII 0 characters) allows encryption to proceed, without breaking
    backward compatibility.
    When the key is too short, encryption fails with an `ArgumentError`,
    causing the web hooks functionality to be unusable. As a result, zero
    rows can exist with values encrypted with the too-short key.
    When the key is too long, it is silently truncated. In this case, the
    key is unchanged, so values encrypted with the new too-long key will
    still be successfully decrypted.
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