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    Test logging in via the Authentiq OAuth provider in a feature spec. · d53690b6
    Timothy Andrew authored
    - The `migration:path-pg` build was previously failing when the Authentiq
      feature spec was enabled by placing Authentiq configuration in the `test`
      section of `gitlab.yml`
    - The `migration:path-pg` task checks out an old revision of the
      codebase (`v8.14.10`) and runs a `schema:load`. It then checks out the commit
      under test, and runs `db:migrate`, to verify that migrations run without
    - The problem here is that `v8.14.10` does not have the Authentiq module
      installed, but is run with the `gitlab.yml` for `master`, which would contain
      the `Authentiq` configuration in the `test` section.
    - The solution was to use the `v8.14.10` `gitlab.yml` for the `schema:load`,
      rather than the `gitlab.yml` from master.
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