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    Simplify runner registration token resetting · 42af2295
    Tomasz Maczukin authored
    This icommit adds several changes related to the same topic
    - resetting a Runner registration token:
    1. On Project settings page it adds a button for resetting the
       registration token and it removes the Runner token field
       that was confusing all GitLab users.
    2. On Group settings page it adds the same button for resetting
       the registration token.
    3. On Admin Runners settings page it moves the button to the same
       place as in Project and Group settings and it changes slightly
       the page layout to make it more similar to Group and Project
       setting pages.
    4. It refactorizes a little the partial that prints runner
       registration description. Thanks to this Project, Group
       and Admin settings of the Runner are re-using the same
       code to generate the button.
    5. Updates the translations of changed text.
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