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    Creates Clusterss::ApplciationsController update endpoint · f8234d9a
    João Cunha authored
    - Creates new route
    - Creates new controller action
    - Creates call stack:
      Clusterss::ApplciationsController calls -->
      Clusters::Applications::UpdateService calls -->
      Clusters::Applications::ScheduleUpdateService calls -->
      ClusterUpdateAppWorker calls -->
      Clusters::Applications::PatchService -->
    DRY req params
    Adds gcp_cluster:cluster_update_app queue
    Schedule_update_service is uneeded
    Extract common logic to a parent class (UpdateService will need it)
    Introduce new UpdateService
    Fix rescue class namespace
    Fix RuboCop offenses
    Adds BaseService for create and update services
    Remove request_handler code duplication
    Fixes update command
    Move update_command to ApplicationCore so all apps can use it
    Adds tests for Knative update_command
    Adds specs for PatchService
    Raise error if update receives an unistalled app
    Adds update_service spec
    Fix RuboCop offense
    Use subject in favor of go
    Adds update endpoint specs for project namespace
    Adds update endpoint specs for group namespace
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