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    Remove `options` assignment from ExtractsPath · df8f0ab5
    Robert Speicher authored
    This assignment is only used by the Projects::NetworkController, so
    we're needlessly assigning this very generically-named instance variable
    on every controller which includes `ExtractsPath`, which is quite a few.
    Further, the way we were passing this hash to
    `HashWithIndifferentAccess` caused the following deprecation warning
    after upgrading to Rails 5:
        DEPRECATION WARNING: #to_hash unexpectedly ignores parameter
        filtering, and will change to enforce it in Rails 5.1. Enable
        `raise_on_unfiltered_parameters` to respect parameter filtering,
        which is the default in new applications. For the existing
        deprecated behaviour, call #to_unsafe_h instead. (called from new at
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