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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into no-ivar-in-modules · 59ac184f
    Lin Jen-Shin authored
    * upstream/master: (671 commits)
      Make rubocop happy
      Use guard clause
      Improve language
      Use temp branch
      Pass info about who started the job and which job triggered it
      Docs: add indexes for monitoring and performance monitoring
      Add docs for commit diff discussion in merge requests
      sorting for tags api
      Clear BatchLoader after each spec to prevent holding onto records longer than necessary
      Include project in BatchLoader key to prevent returning blobs for the wrong project
      moved lfs_blob_ids method into ExtractsPath module
      Converted JS modules into exported modules
      spec fixes
      Bump gitlab-shell version to 5.10.3
      Clear caches before updating MR diffs
      Use new Ruby version 2.4 in GitLab QA images
      moved lfs blob fetch from extractspath file
      Update GitLab QA dependencies
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