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    Re-organize queues to use for Sidekiq · 97731760
    Yorick Peterse authored
    Dumping too many jobs in the same queue (e.g. the "default" queue) is a
    dangerous setup. Jobs that take a long time to process can effectively
    block any other work from being performed given there are enough of
    these jobs.
    Furthermore it becomes harder to monitor the jobs as a single queue
    could contain jobs for different workers. In such a setup the only
    reliable way of getting counts per job is to iterate over all jobs in a
    queue, which is a rather time consuming process.
    By using separate queues for various workers we have better control over
    throughput, we can add weight to queues, and we can monitor queues
    better. Some workers still use the same queue whenever their work is
    related. For example, the various CI pipeline workers use the same
    "pipeline" queue.
    This commit includes a Rails migration that moves Sidekiq jobs from the
    old queues to the new ones. This migration also takes care of doing the
    inverse if ever needed. This does require downtime as otherwise new jobs
    could be scheduled in the old queues after this migration completes.
    This commit also includes an RSpec test that blacklists the use of the
    "default" queue and ensures cron workers use the "cronjob" queue.
    Fixes gitlab-org/gitlab-ce#23370
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