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description: 'Learn how to use GitLab Pages to deploy a static website at no additional cost.'

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# GitLab Pages

With GitLab Pages it's easy to publish your project website. GitLab Pages is a hosting service for static websites, at no additional cost.
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## Getting Started

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[Create a project from scratch](
to get you started quickly, or,
alternatively, start from an existing project as follows:
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- 1. [Fork](../../../gitlab-basics/ an [example project](
by forking a project, you create a copy of the codebase you're forking from to start from a template instead of starting from scratch.
- 2. Change a file to trigger a GitLab CI/CD pipeline: GitLab CI/CD will build and deploy your site to GitLab Pages.
- 3. Visit your project's **Settings > Pages** to see your **website link**, and click on it. Bam! Your website is live! :)
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_Further steps (optional):_

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- 4. Remove the [fork relationship](
(_You don't need the relationship unless you intent to contribute back to the example project you forked from_).
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- 5. Make it a [user/group website](

**Watch a video with the steps above:**

_Advanced options:_

- [Use a custom domain](
- Apply [SSL/TLS certification]( to your custom domain

## How Does It Work?
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With GitLab Pages you can create [static websites](
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for your GitLab projects, groups, or user accounts.

It supports plain static content, such as HTML, and **all** [static site generators (SSGs)](, such as Jekyll, Middleman, Hexo, Hugo, and Pelican.

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Connect as many custom domains as you like and bring your own TLS certificate
to secure them.

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Your files live in a project [repository](../repository/ on GitLab.
[GitLab CI](../../../ci/ picks up those files and makes them available at, typically,
`http://<username><projectname>`. Please read through the docs on 
[GitLab Pages domains]( for more info.

## Explore GitLab Pages

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Read the following tutorials to know more about:

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- [Static websites and GitLab Pages domains]( Understand what is a static website, and how GitLab Pages default domains work
- [Projects for GitLab Pages and URL structure]( Forking projects and creating new ones from scratch, understanding URLs structure and baseurls
- [GitLab Pages custom domains and SSL/TLS Certificates]( How to add custom domains and subdomains to your website, configure DNS records, and SSL/TLS certificates
- [Creating and Tweaking GitLab CI/CD for GitLab Pages]( Understand how to create your own `.gitlab-ci.yml` for your site
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- [Technical aspects, custom 404 pages, limitations](
- [Hosting on with GitLab Pages]( (outdated)

_Blog posts series about Static Site Generators (SSGs):_

- [SSGs part 1: Static vs dynamic websites](
- [SSGs part 2: Modern static site generators](
- [SSGs part 3: Build any SSG site with GitLab Pages](

_Blog posts for securing GitLab Pages custom domains with SSL/TLS certificates:_

- [CloudFlare](
- [Let's Encrypt]( (outdated)

## Advanced use

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- [Posting to your GitLab Pages blog from iOS](
- [GitLab CI: Run jobs sequentially, in parallel, or build a custom pipeline](
- [GitLab CI: Deployment & environments](
- [Building a new GitLab docs site with Nanoc, GitLab CI, and GitLab Pages](
- [Publish code coverage reports with GitLab Pages](

## Admin GitLab Pages for CE and EE

Enable and configure GitLab Pages on your own instance (GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Editions) with
the [admin guide](../../../administration/pages/

**Watch the video:**

## More information about GitLab Pages

- For an overview, visit the [feature webpage](
- Announcement (2016-12-24): ["We're bringing GitLab Pages to CE"](
- Announcement (2017-03-06): ["We are changing the IP of GitLab Pages on"](