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      View-related (and other minor) changes to !5951 based on @rymai's review. · f706a973
      Timothy Andrew authored
      - The `scopes_form` partial can be used in the `admin/applications` view
        as well
      - Don't allow partials to access instance variables directly. Instead, pass
        in the instance variables as local variables, and use `local_assigns.fetch`
        to assert that the variables are passed in as expected.
      - Change a few instances of `render :partial` to `render`
      - Remove an instance of `required: false` in a view, since this is the default
      - Inline many instances of a local variable (`ip = 'ip'`) in `auth_spec`
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      Move the scopes form/list view into a partial. · 990ae6b8
      Timothy Andrew authored
      - The list of scopes that's displayed while creating a personal access
        token is identical to the list that's displayed while creating an OAuth
        application. Extract these into a partial.
      - The list of scopes that's displayed while in the show page for an OAuth token
        in the profile settings and admin settings are identical. Extract these into
        a partial.
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      Implement minor changes from @dbalexandre's review. · 4d6da770
      Timothy Andrew authored
      - Mainly whitespace changes.
      - Require the migration adding the `scope` column to the
        `personal_access_tokens` table to have downtime, since API calls will
        fail if the new code is in place, but the migration hasn't run.
      - Minor refactoring - load `@scopes` in a `before_action`, since we're
        doing it in three different places.
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