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      Create the source branch for a GitHub import · e34a3213
      Stan Hu authored
      When the GitHub importer creates a merge request, it retrieves the SHA
      but does not actually create the source branch. This makes it impossible
      to merge an open merge request, particularly if the source branch were
      from a forked project. In that case, the branch will never exist because
      the original `project-name:source-branch` name is never created, nor
      is it a valid branch name.
      To prevent possible branch name conflicts, forked source branches
      are now renamed `github/fork/project-name/source-branch` and created
      when necessary.
      Note that we only create the source branch if the merge request
      is open. For projects that have many merge requests, the project
      would end up with a lot of possibly dead branches.
      Closes https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/57370
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