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      Allow manual resize of js-autosize textareas · 933834c4
      Robert Speicher authored
      First, the autosize library was being too controlling and removed the
      `resize` property from any elements to which it was attached, removing
      the drag handle.
      Second, we detect when the user manually resizes an autosize textarea,
      and then remove the autosize behavior from it and increase its
      This should allow for the best of both worlds.
      Closes #12832
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      Optimize fetching issues closed by a merge request · 99492d6b
      Yorick Peterse authored
      Instead of running ClosingIssueExtractor for every commit in a merge
      request we can gather all the commit messages (and the merge request
      description), concatenate all this together and then run
      ClosingIssueExtractor only once.
      The result of this is that MergeRequest#closes_issues is now between
      3.5x and 4x faster than the old setup. Using a merge request with 10
      commits (each referencing a number of issues to close) this reduced the
      call duration from around 200 milliseconds to around 50 milliseconds.
      As a result of these changes the Jira related tests for
      MergeRequest#closes_issues have been removed. These tests stubbed
      Commit#closes_issues meaning that the only code that was really tested
      was the call to Array#uniq to filter out duplicate issues. As this code
      is no longer used (nor present) the corresponding tests were removed.
      Related: gitlab-org/gitlab-ce#12419
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