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      Cleanup of fe_docs · d7c92faa
      Simon Knox authored
      Start moving back to regular fe_docs
      Remove Initiatives, add section to index in fe_guide
      Delete some no-longer-relevant parts from principles
      Update title - Progressive Enchancement is a browser-support term
      and could be confused
      "When to use" parts are discussed elswhere
      Vue & jQuery issue is no longer relevant
      Delete duplicate Security docs
      Remove empty files, move event_tracking
      Shuffle index sections around
      Remove sections on Vue & Webpack (we say same thing in prev paragraph)
      Remove link to Droplab docs
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      Merge branch '57655-fix-markdown-tables-border' into 'master' · 03b0b827
      Clement Ho authored
      Fix markdown table header and table content borders
      Closes #57655
      See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!25666