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  7. 05 Mar, 2019 3 commits
    • João Cunha's avatar
      Rename ClusterUpdateAppWorker to ClusterPatchAppWorker · 3bdff7aa
      João Cunha authored
      - This is to avoid colision with EE ClusterUpdateAppWorker
    • João Cunha's avatar
      Creates Clusterss::ApplciationsController update endpoint · f8234d9a
      João Cunha authored
      - Creates new route
      - Creates new controller action
      - Creates call stack:
        Clusterss::ApplciationsController calls -->
        Clusters::Applications::UpdateService calls -->
        Clusters::Applications::ScheduleUpdateService calls -->
        ClusterUpdateAppWorker calls -->
        Clusters::Applications::PatchService -->
      DRY req params
      Adds gcp_cluster:cluster_update_app queue
      Schedule_update_service is uneeded
      Extract common logic to a parent class (UpdateService will need it)
      Introduce new UpdateService
      Fix rescue class namespace
      Fix RuboCop offenses
      Adds BaseService for create and update services
      Remove request_handler code duplication
      Fixes update command
      Move update_command to ApplicationCore so all apps can use it
      Adds tests for Knative update_command
      Adds specs for PatchService
      Raise error if update receives an unistalled app
      Adds update_service spec
      Fix RuboCop offense
      Use subject in favor of go
      Adds update endpoint specs for project namespace
      Adds update endpoint specs for group namespace
    • Gabriel Mazetto's avatar
      Skip project validation when switching storage layouts · b4f20502
      Gabriel Mazetto authored
      This is a fix for the Hashed Storage migration and Rollback procedure
      to ignore any project-level validation error that can happen in a
      long-running instance.
      There are many situations where defaults and acceptable values changed
      but, because we didn't provide a migration to "valid" attributes, it
      can happen that project will not be `valid? => true`.
      Because the changes we are making are limited to setting a project as
      read_only or changing the storage_level, it's safe to bypass validation.
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  13. 26 Feb, 2019 4 commits
    • Oswaldo Ferreira's avatar
      Always fetch MR latest version when creating suggestions · e116fcab
      Oswaldo Ferreira authored
      This is an issue that can only be seen through EE. Further
      details can be seen on
      https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ee/issues/9876. In general
      we should always use the latest diff version of a file in order
      to both create and apply suggestions.
    • João Cunha's avatar
      Get rid of ScheduleInstallationService · 4c974f50
      João Cunha authored
      - deletes schedule_installation_service.rb
      - moves schedule_installation_service.rb logic to create_service.rb
      - moves specs as well
      Removes code duplication
      Remove unecessary spec block
      Abide review suggestions
      Test installable applications which are not associated to a cluster
      Fix a typo
      Removes duplciated expectation
      Reuse variable instead of redefining
      Remove method in favor of a local scoped lambda
      Improve 'failing service' shared examples
      Test the increase of status count
      Remove duplicated test
      Enable fronzen literal
    • Oswaldo Ferreira's avatar
      Add API support for refreshing merge ref path · e8fbc070
      Oswaldo Ferreira authored
      Add a merge_requests/:iid/merge_to_ref API which make
      use of the groundwork to write merge results into
    • Oswaldo Ferreira's avatar
      Support merge to ref for merge-commit and squash · d133bd7f
      Oswaldo Ferreira authored
      Adds the ground work for writing into
      the merge ref refs/merge-requests/:iid/merge the
      merge result between source and target branches of
      a MR, without further side-effects such as
      mailing, MR updates and target branch changes.
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