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      Add time ago tooltips to show actual date/time · fa817dff
      Drew Blessing authored
      Clean up admin dashboad tooltips
      Clean up admin dashboad tooltips
      Clean up admin dashboad tooltips
      Add helper method
      change to use app helper
      Modify tooltips to use new helper
      Convert remaining times
      Adjust one tooltip
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    • Dmitriy Zaporozhets's avatar
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      Fix bug with rendering changing images in commits · 0a05ab91
      Ryan Mendivil authored
      When viewing the diff for a changed image file, two bugs occur:
      - Both the 'before' and 'after' images link to the 'after' commit
      - Visiting the link for either image will cause a error
      The first is caused by both image links referencing '@commit.id' rather
      than '@commit.parent_id'.  The second is caused by the use of
      'project_tree_path' which is used for creating links to directories in
      the git file tree. 'project_blob_path' which links to files should be
      used instead.
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    • Boyan Tabakov's avatar
      Improved large commit handling. · 01ff084a
      Boyan Tabakov authored
      Previously, only number of changed files mattered. Now, number of lines to render in the diff are also taken into account.
      A hard limit is set, above which diffs are not rendered and users are not allowed to override that. This prevents high server
      resource usage with huge commits.
      Related to #1745, #2259
      In addition, handle large commits for MergeRequests and Compare controllers.
      Also fixes a bug where diffs are loaded twice, if user goes directly to merge_requests/:id/diffs URL.
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  29. 18 Jul, 2013 4 commits
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    • Izaak Alpert's avatar
      Style changes from review with @randx · d9959427
      Izaak Alpert authored
      -Some changes around calling origional methods for !for_fork? merge requests. Other changes to follow
      Change-Id: I009c716ce2475b9efa3fd07aee9215fca7a1c150
    • Izaak Alpert's avatar
      MR on Fork multiple fixes · 489fa5d7
      Izaak Alpert authored
      -Disable observers post test run
      -Allow db:seed_fu RAILS_ENV=test to be run more than once without error
      -fix diffs_in_between, was passing in the default_options for grit, but grit in this case doesn't take options, fixed the test to actually fail if the incorrect diffs are returned
      -make notes/commits render against proper project
      -MR discussion file links should reference note's project
      -Added tests for commit links on edit merge request
      -fixes edit issues (canceling an edited mr, updating an edited mr)
      -updates tests with checks for source code updates
      -still forked_merge_requests.feature (project_forked_merge_requests) test not passing (commented out -- "stable" not being set)
      MR API: error on bad target_project
      -If the target project id is specified and it is not the same as the project the request is being made on (the source), and the it isn't a fork of that project, error out, otherwise use it as the target
      -Fixes some busted (but hidden) test cases
      Change-Id: I20e595c156d0e8a63048baaead7be6330c738a05
    • Izaak Alpert's avatar
      Merge Request on forked projects · 3d7194f0
      Izaak Alpert authored
      The good:
       - You can do a merge request for a forked commit and it will merge properly (i.e. it does work).
       - Push events take into account merge requests on forked projects
       - Tests around merge_actions now present, spinach, and other rspec tests
       - Satellites now clean themselves up rather then recreate
      The questionable:
       - Events only know about target projects
       - Project's merge requests only hold on to MR's where they are the target
       - All operations performed in the satellite
      The bad:
        -  Duplication between project's repositories and satellites (e.g. commits_between)
      (for reference: http://feedback.gitlab.com/forums/176466-general/suggestions/3456722-merge-requests-between-projects-repos)
      Make test repos/satellites only create when needed
      -Spinach/Rspec now only initialize test directory, and setup stubs (things that are relatively cheap)
      -project_with_code, source_project_with_code, and target_project_with_code now create/destroy their repos individually
      -fixed remote removal
      -How to merge renders properly
      -Update emails to show project/branches
      -Edit MR doesn't set target branch
      -Fix some failures on editing/creating merge requests, added a test
      -Added back a test around merge request observer
      -Clean up project_transfer_spec, Remove duplicate enable/disable observers
      -Ensure satellite lock files are cleaned up, Attempted to add some testing around these as well
      -Signifant speed ups for tests
      -Update formatting ordering in notes_on_merge_requests
      -Remove wiki schema update
      Fixes for search/search results
      -Search results was using by_project for a list of projects, updated this to use in_projects
      -updated search results to reference the correct (target) project
      -udpated search results to print both sides of the merge request
      Change-Id: I19407990a0950945cc95d62089cbcc6262dab1a8