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      Version 8.5.5-rc1 · 62fc5b6a
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      Merge branch 'add_show_role_boolean_to_group_member_view' into 'master' · f38f5797
      Robert Speicher authored
      Only show group member roles if explicitly requested
      This very simply fixes an EE problem, but I made the change here so it's less prone to errors from merges.
      In EE, prior to this change, group member roles were shown in project member list when a project is shared with a group. This is bad because the project explicitly shares with the group and sets a 'max access' level. If the max access level is 'developer' the project owner doesn't want to see 'Owner' in the group roles because it will confuse them. I verified that permissions are really being honored here, it was just an error in the view. You can see in https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ee/blob/master/app/views/projects/project_members/_shared_group_members.html.haml#L18 where this was how it was intended to be. Likely a CE-EE merge introduced this bug. That's why I made the boolean required in CE even though this is for EE.
      See merge request !3044
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