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      Reject slug+uri concat if slug is deemed unsafe · aef4b0a5
      Kerri Miller authored
      First reported:
      When the page slug is "javascript:" and we attempt to link to a relative
      path (using `.` or `..`) the code will concatenate the slug and the uri.
      This MR adds a guard to that concat step that will return `nil` if the
      incoming slug matches against any of the "unsafe" slug regexes;
      currently this is only for the slug "javascript:" but can be extended if
      needed. Manually tested against a non-exhaustive list from OWASP of
      common javascript XSS exploits that have to to with mangling the
      "javascript:" method, and all are caught by this change or by existing
      code that ingests the user-specified slug.
  7. 25 May, 2019 1 commit