1. 29 Apr, 2016 2 commits
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      Merge branch 'add-js-prefix-to-user-tab-classes' into 'master' · a792427e
      Jacob Schatz authored
      Add JS prefix to user tab classes
      ## What does this MR do
      This MR adds the `js-` prefix to the classes which are used for js purposes only. This MR only affects the said classes inside `users/show.html.haml`.
      ## Are there points in the code the reviewer needs to double check?
      I'm not entirely sure if this project uses the `js-` prefix for
      classes that are used for js purposes only. Doing a grep shows some of the classes have the prefix, but I'm still unsure whether this project follows this rule.
      ## Why was this MR needed?
      As I was working thru #13401, I wanted to add a tab on the user profile page to show the contributions outside the GitLab instance. Reading the JS, I came across this. This MR helps new people reading the code that the said classes are for js purposes only. Also, it helps the project work toward to uniform class naming.
      I suggest that we document adding the `js-` prefix to classes for js purposes only (if this is the case for this project)
      See merge request !3928
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      Fix Todos test · d2f898e7
      Alfredo Sumaran authored
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      Merge branch 'trigger-query-string' into 'master' · 2ec58d4a
      Achilleas Pipinellis authored
      Add API doc example with query string for triggering build
      Make this explicit to prevent confusion as we saw in gitlab-org/gitlab-ci#413.
      See merge request !3947