1. 09 Nov, 2015 8 commits
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      Updated profiling guides for Sherlock · 126a2428
      Yorick Peterse authored
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      Added Sherlock, a custom profiling tool for GitLab · dec3e4ce
      Yorick Peterse authored
      Sherlock will be a new GitLab specific tool for measuring the
      performance of Rails requests (and SideKiq jobs at some point). Some of
      the things that are currently tracked:
      * SQL queries along with their timings, backtraces and query plans
        (using "EXPLAIN ANALYZE" for PostgreSQL and regular "EXPLAIN" for
      * Timings of application files (including views) on a per line basis
      * Some meta data such as the request method, path, total duration, etc
      More tracking (e.g. Rugged or gitlab-shell timings) might be added in
      the future.
      Sherlock will replace any existing tools we have used so far (e.g.
      active_record_query_trace and rack-mini-profiler), hence the
      corresponding Gems have been removed from the Gemfile.
      Sherlock can be enabled by starting Rails as following:
          ENABLE_SHERLOCK=1 bundle exec rails s
      Recorded transactions can be found at `/sherlock/transactions`.
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      Merge branch 'fix-commits-manual-merge' into 'master' · 03b12ee5
      Douwe Maan authored
      Fix bug where manually merged branches in a MR would end up with an empty diff
      This bug manifested in 8.1 with the refactoring of `RefreshService`. Here's what happens:
      1. User create a new branch `foo`.
      2. User creates a merge request for `foo`.
      3. User merges `foo` into `master` by hand.
      4. `RefreshService` reloads the merge request. Since `master` is equivalent to `foo`, this results in an empty diff.
      5. `RefreshService` then closes the MR.
      This wasn't an issue when you use the normal "Accept Merge Request" flow because the act of clicking the button closes the merge request, so step 4 never happens.
      Closes #3314
      See merge request !1758
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      Merge pull request #9756 from Soullivaneuh/patch-1 · a353a876
      Jeroen van Baarsen authored
      Add GitLabCI code coverage regex sample for PHPUnit
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      Merge branch 'shared_runners' into 'master' · 9f055126
      Kamil Trzciński authored
      Enable shared runners for all new projects
      This adds Admin Setting option to enable shared runners for all new projects, and by default it is set to true.
      /cc @dzaporozhets @sytses 
      See merge request !1738
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