1. 20 Mar, 2019 8 commits
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      Amend cluster and auto devops troubleshooting docs · 0c3df3b5
      Tiger authored
      Update these sections to reflect Kubernetes resources
      now being created as a build prerequisite. Remove section
      about deploys not being triggered as it is no longer accurate.
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      Don't recreate Kubernetes namespaces if they exist · 325d504c
      Tiger authored
      Instead of attempting to create or update a Kubernetes
      namespace on every deploy, only do so when we know it
      doesn't exist yet.
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      Create one Kubernetes namespace for a deployment · 89b0bc04
      Tiger authored
      Instead of creating a Kubernetes namespace on every
      cluster related to a project, only create one on the
      cluster the project is about to be deployed to.
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      Add feature flag for build preparing state · 759dab5b
      Tiger authored
      The flag is on by default, but allows us to revert back
      to the old behaviour if we encounter any problems.
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      Tweak FactoryBot definition for clusters · 42c6ccd2
      Tiger authored
      Only create an associated project or group if there
      were none already specified.
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      Add build prerequisite for Kubernetes namespaces · 98a14a49
      Tiger authored
      Builds that have deployments require Kubernetes resources
      to be created before the build can be deployed. These
      resources are no longer created when the cluster is
      created, which allows us to only create the resources
      required by each specific build.
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      Create framework for build prerequisites · 00f0d356
      Tiger authored
      Introduces the concept of Prerequisites for a CI build.
      If a build has unmet prerequisites it will go through the
      :preparing state before being made available to a runner.
      There are no actual prerequisites yet, so current
      behaviour is unchanged.
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      Add :preparing status to HasStatus · 42ca9c6f
      Tiger authored
      Introduces a new status for builds between :created and :pending
      that will be used when builds require one or more prerequisite
      actions to be completed before being picked up by a runner
      (such as creating Kubernetes resources before deploying).
      The existing :created > :pending transition is unchanged, so
      only builds that require preparation will use the :preparing
  2. 16 Mar, 2019 2 commits
  3. 15 Mar, 2019 30 commits