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Unverified Commit ff5f0894 authored by Dmitriy Zaporozhets's avatar Dmitriy Zaporozhets
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Sort projects by last activity for new issue dropdown

When creating new issue from dashboard page I want to see projects
sorted by last activity instead of ID
Signed-off-by: default avatarDmitriy Zaporozhets <>
parent 312d3faf
- if @projects.any?
= project_select_tag :project_path, class: "project-item-select", data: { include_groups: local_assigns[:include_groups] }
= project_select_tag :project_path, class: "project-item-select", data: { include_groups: local_assigns[:include_groups], order_by: 'last_activity_at' }
= icon('plus')
= local_assigns[:label]
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