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Make it clear that monkey patch is no longer needed in Rails 5.1

parent 77909a88
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
# This bug was fixed in Rails 5.1 by
if Rails.version.start_with?("5.1")
if Rails.gem_version >="5.1")
raise "Remove this monkey patch: #{__FILE__}"
# rubocop:disable Lint/RescueException
# Remove this monkey-patch when all lock_version values are converted from NULLs to zeros.
# See
# Remove this monkey patch when we move to Rails 5.1, because the bug has been fixed in
if Rails.gem_version >="5.1")
raise "Remove this monkey patch: #{__FILE__}"
module ActiveRecord
module Locking
module Optimistic
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