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### Getting help
* [Maintenance policy]( specifies what versions are supported.
* [Troubleshooting guide]( contains solutions to common problems.
* [Mailing list](!forum/gitlabhq) and [Stack Overflow]( are the best places to ask questions. For example you can use it if you have questions about: permission denied errors, invisible repos, can't clone/pull/push or with web hooks that don't fire. Please search for similar issues before posting your own, there's a good chance somebody else had the same issue you have now and has resolved it. There are a lot of helpful GitLab users there who may be able to help you quickly. If your particular issue turns out to be a bug, it will find its way from there to a fix.
* [Feature request forum]( is the place to propose and discuss new features for GitLab.
* [Contributing guide]( describes how to submit merge requests and issues. Pull requests and issues not in line with the guidelines in this document will be closed.
* [Support subscription]( connects you to the knowledge of GitLab experts that will resolve your issues and answer your questions.
* [Consultancy]( from the GitLab experts for installations, upgrades and customizations.
* [#gitlab IRC channel]( on Freenode to get in touch with other GitLab users and get help, it's managed by James Newton (newton), Drew Blessing (dblessing), and Sam Gleske (sag47).
* [Book]( written by GitLab enthusiast Jonathan M. Hethey is unofficial but it offers a good overview.
* [Gitter chat room]( here you can ask questions when you need help.
Please see [Getting help for GitLab]( on our website for the many options to get help.
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