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......@@ -81,16 +81,14 @@ password as they will be needed when configuring GitLab in the next section.
### Configuring GitLab
_**Note:** The currently supported JIRA versions are v6.x and v7.x._
Assuming you [have already configured JIRA](#configuring-jira), now it's time
to configure GitLab.
JIRA configuration in GitLab is done via a project's
#### GitLab 7.8 and up
_**Note:** The currently supported JIRA versions are v6.x and v7.x._
To enable JIRA integration in a project, navigate to the project's
**Settings > Services > JIRA**.
......@@ -114,14 +112,6 @@ with the linked JIRA project.
#### GitLab 6.x-7.7 with JIRA v6.x
_**Note:** GitLab versions 7.8 and up contain various integration improvements.
We strongly recommend upgrading._
In the unfortunate event that you are still using GitLab < 7.8, consult the
[jira_old document]( on how to configure JIRA.
## JIRA issues
By now you should have [configured JIRA](#configuring-jira) and enabled the
# GitLab 6.x-7.7 with JIRA v6.x
**NOTE: This method is deprecated. GitLab versions 7.8 and up, contain various
integration improvements and we strongly recommend upgrading. The official
supported document on JIRA integration can be found under [JIRA](**
In `gitlab.yml` enable the JIRA issue tracker section by
[uncommenting these lines][jira-gitlab-yml]. This will make sure that all
issues within GitLab are pointing to the JIRA issue tracker.
After you set this, you will be able to close issues in JIRA by a commit in
Go to your project's **Settings** page and fill in the project name for the
JIRA project:
![Set the JIRA project name in GitLab to 'NEW'](img/jira_project_name.png)
You can also enable the JIRA service that will allow you to interact with JIRA
issues. Go to the **Settings > Services > JIRA** and:
1. Tick the active check box to enable the service
1. Supply the URL to JIRA server, for example
1. Supply the username of a user we created under `Configuring JIRA` section,
for example `gitlab`
1. Supply the password of the user
1. Optional: supply the JIRA API version, default is version `2`
1. Optional: supply the JIRA issue transition ID (issue transition to closed).
This is dependent on JIRA settings, default is `2`
1. Hit save
![JIRA services page](img/jira_service.png)
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