Commit f86ddfd3 authored by Stan Hu's avatar Stan Hu Committed by Rémy Coutable
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Render sanitized SVG images

parent da8e0f86
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ v 8.5.0 (unreleased)
- Ensure rake tasks that don't need a DB connection can be run without one
- Add "visibility" flag to GET /projects api endpoint
- Ignore binary files in code search to prevent Error 500 (Stan Hu)
- Render sanitized SVG images (Stan Hu)
- Upgrade gitlab_git to 7.2.23 to fix commit message mentions in first branch push
- New UI for pagination
- Don't prevent sign out when 2FA enforcement is enabled and user hasn't yet
......@@ -179,6 +179,9 @@ gem "underscore-rails", "~> 1.8.0"
gem "sanitize", '~> 2.0'
gem 'babosa', '~> 1.0.2'
# Sanitizes SVG input
gem "loofah", "~> 2.0.3"
# Protect against bruteforcing
gem "rack-attack", '~> 4.3.1'
......@@ -953,6 +953,7 @@ DEPENDENCIES
jquery-ui-rails (~> 5.0.0)
kaminari (~> 0.16.3)
letter_opener (~> 1.1.2)
loofah (~> 2.0.3)
mail_room (~> 0.6.1)
method_source (~> 0.8)
minitest (~> 5.7.0)
......@@ -126,4 +126,16 @@ def blob_size(blob)
def blob_svg?(blob)
blob.language && == 'SVG'
# SVGs can contain malicious JavaScript; only include whitelisted
# elements and attributes. Note that this whitelist is by no means complete
# and may omit some elements.
def sanitize_svg(blob) = Loofah.scrub_fragment(, :strip).to_xml
......@@ -35,7 +35,10 @@
- if blob.lfs_pointer?
= render "download", blob: blob
- elsif blob.text?
= render "text", blob: blob
- if blob_svg?(blob)
= render "image", blob: sanitize_svg(blob)
- else
= render "text", blob: blob
- elsif blob.image?
= render "image", blob: blob
- else
......@@ -320,3 +320,13 @@ Feature: Project Source Browse Files
Then I should see download link and object size
And I should not see lfs pointer details
And I should see buttons for allowed commands
Scenario: I preview an SVG file
Given I click on "Upload file" link in repo
And I upload a new SVG file
And I fill the upload file commit message
And I fill the new branch name
And I click on "Upload file"
Given I visit the SVG file
Then I can see the new rendered SVG image
......@@ -351,6 +351,19 @@ class Spinach::Features::ProjectSourceBrowseFiles < Spinach::FeatureSteps
expect(page).to have_content "You're not allowed to make changes to this project directly. A fork of this project has been created that you can make changes in, so you can submit a merge request."
# SVG files
step 'I upload a new SVG file' do
drop_in_dropzone test_svg_file
step 'I visit the SVG file' do
visit namespace_project_blob_path(@project.namespace, @project, 'new_branch_name/logo_sample.svg')
step 'I can see the new rendered SVG image' do
expect(find('.file-content')).to have_css('img')
def set_new_content
......@@ -410,4 +423,8 @@ def test_text_file
def test_image_file
File.join(Rails.root, 'spec', 'fixtures', 'banana_sample.gif')
def test_svg_file
File.join(Rails.root, 'spec', 'fixtures', 'logo_sample.svg')
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<svg width="210px" height="210px" viewBox="0 0 210 210" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:sketch="">
<!-- Generator: Sketch 3.3.2 (12043) - -->
<title>Slice 1</title>
<desc>Created with Sketch.</desc>
<g id="Page-1" stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd" sketch:type="MSPage">
<g id="logo" sketch:type="MSLayerGroup" transform="translate(0.000000, 10.000000)">
<g id="Page-1" sketch:type="MSShapeGroup">
<g id="Fill-1-+-Group-24">
<g id="Group-24">
<g id="Group">
<path d="M105.0614,193.655 L105.0614,193.655 L143.7014,74.734 L66.4214,74.734 L105.0614,193.655 L105.0614,193.655 Z" id="Fill-4" fill="#E24329" class="tanuki-shape"></path>
<path d="M105.0614,193.6548 L66.4214,74.7338 L12.2684,74.7338 L105.0614,193.6548 L105.0614,193.6548 Z" id="Fill-8" fill="#FC6D26" class="tanuki-shape"></path>
<path d="M12.2685,74.7341 L12.2685,74.7341 L0.5265,110.8731 C-0.5445,114.1691 0.6285,117.7801 3.4325,119.8171 L105.0615,193.6551 L12.2685,74.7341 L12.2685,74.7341 Z" id="Fill-12" fill="#FCA326" class="tanuki-shape"></path>
<path d="M12.2685,74.7342 L66.4215,74.7342 L43.1485,3.1092 C41.9515,-0.5768 36.7375,-0.5758 35.5405,3.1092 L12.2685,74.7342 L12.2685,74.7342 Z" id="Fill-16" fill="#E24329" class="tanuki-shape"></path>
<path d="M105.0614,193.6548 L143.7014,74.7338 L197.8544,74.7338 L105.0614,193.6548 L105.0614,193.6548 Z" id="Fill-18" fill="#FC6D26" class="tanuki-shape"></path>
<path d="M197.8544,74.7341 L197.8544,74.7341 L209.5964,110.8731 C210.6674,114.1691 209.4944,117.7801 206.6904,119.8171 L105.0614,193.6551 L197.8544,74.7341 L197.8544,74.7341 Z" id="Fill-20" fill="#FCA326" class="tanuki-shape"></path>
<path d="M197.8544,74.7342 L143.7014,74.7342 L166.9744,3.1092 C168.1714,-0.5768 173.3854,-0.5758 174.5824,3.1092 L197.8544,74.7342 L197.8544,74.7342 Z" id="Fill-22" fill="#E24329" class="tanuki-shape"></path>
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