Commit f27286d0 authored by Daniel Gerhardt's avatar Daniel Gerhardt
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Disable project import via Oauth providers

parent 0cb5e547
......@@ -44,38 +44,10 @@
= f.label :visibility_level, class: 'label-light' do
Import project from
- if github_import_enabled?
= link_to new_import_github_path, class: 'btn import_github' do
= icon('github', text: 'GitHub')
- if bitbucket_import_enabled?
= link_to status_import_bitbucket_path, class: "btn import_bitbucket #{'how_to_import_link' unless bitbucket_import_configured?}", "data-no-turbolink" => "true" do
= icon('bitbucket', text: 'Bitbucket')
- unless bitbucket_import_configured?
= render 'bitbucket_import_modal'
- if gitlab_import_enabled?
= link_to status_import_gitlab_path, class: "btn import_gitlab #{'how_to_import_link' unless gitlab_import_configured?}" do
= icon('gitlab', text: '')
- unless gitlab_import_configured?
= render 'gitlab_import_modal'
- if google_code_import_enabled?
= link_to new_import_google_code_path, class: 'btn import_google_code' do
= icon('google', text: 'Google Code')
- if fogbugz_import_enabled?
= link_to new_import_fogbugz_path, class: 'btn import_fogbugz' do
= icon('bug', text: 'Fogbugz')
- if git_import_enabled?
= link_to "#", class: 'btn js-toggle-button import_git' do
= icon('git', text: 'Repo by URL')
%div{ class: 'import_gitlab_project' }
- if gitlab_project_import_enabled?
= link_to new_import_gitlab_project_path, class: 'btn btn_import_gitlab_project project-submit' do
= icon('gitlab', text: 'GitLab export')
= render "shared/import_form", f: f
......@@ -63,7 +63,6 @@
# Notification settings
resources :notification_settings, only: [:create, :update]
draw :import
draw :uploads
draw :explore
draw :admin
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