Commit f247d2b5 authored by blackst0ne's avatar blackst0ne

Bump mermaid to 8.0.0-rc.8

This commit moves `mermaid` from blackst0ne-mermaid package to the
upstream version.

The reason why the fork was used was this bug[1].
The bug has been fixed, so there's no need to maintain my fork anymore.

parent 90a0163b
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ import flash from '~/flash';
export default function renderMermaid($els) {
if (!$els.length) return;
import(/* webpackChunkName: 'mermaid' */ 'blackst0ne-mermaid')
import(/* webpackChunkName: 'mermaid' */ 'mermaid')
.then(mermaid => {
// mermaid core options
title: Bump mermaid to 8.0.0-rc.8
merge_request: 22509
author: "@blackst0ne"
type: changed
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