Commit f1560886 authored by Nils Mittler's avatar Nils Mittler 🕵🏼
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add information for gitlab pages

parent 34012cc3
......@@ -7,29 +7,4 @@
= _('GitLab Pages')
- link_to_gitlab_pages = link_to(_('GitLab Pages'), gitlab_pages[:url], target: '_blank')
= _('Below are the settings for %{link_to_gitlab_pages}.').html_safe % { link_to_gitlab_pages: link_to_gitlab_pages }
%th= _('Setting')
%th= instance_configuration_host(@instance_configuration.settings[:host])
%td= _('Domain Name')
%code= instance_configuration_cell_html(gitlab_pages[:host])
%td= _('IP Address')
%code= instance_configuration_cell_html(gitlab_pages[:ip_address])
%td= _('Port')
%code= instance_configuration_cell_html(gitlab_pages[:port])
- link_to_gitlab_ci = link_to(_('GitLab CI'), '#gitlab-ci')
= _("The maximum size of your Pages site is regulated by the artifacts maximum size which is part of %{link_to_gitlab_ci}.").html_safe % { link_to_gitlab_ci: link_to_gitlab_ci }
= _('GitLab Pages is currently not available on')
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