Commit f0bdf34f authored by Amit Rathi's avatar Amit Rathi
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Move ingress shim config from --set to values.yaml

parent adfaafe7
...@@ -33,16 +33,10 @@ def install_command ...@@ -33,16 +33,10 @@ def install_command
rbac: cluster.platform_kubernetes_rbac?, rbac: cluster.platform_kubernetes_rbac?,
chart: chart, chart: chart,
files: files.merge!(cluster_issuer_file), files: files.merge!(cluster_issuer_file),
postinstall: post_install_script, postinstall: post_install_script
application_flags: install_command_flags
) )
end end
def install_command_flags
['--set', 'ingressShim.defaultIssuerName=letsencrypt-prod'] +
['--set', 'ingressShim.defaultIssuerKind=ClusterIssuer']
private private
def post_install_script def post_install_script
# These options provide fully automated TLS.
# See
defaultIssuerKind: "ClusterIssuer"
defaultIssuerName: "letsencrypt-prod"
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