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......@@ -28,60 +28,13 @@ for all signed in users.
[were added][ee-735] in GitLab Enterprise Edition
8.12. [Moved to GitLab Community Edition][ce-23361] in 9.1.
GitLab Inc. can collect non-sensitive information about how GitLab users
use their GitLab instance upon the activation of a ping feature
located in the admin panel (`/admin/application_settings`).
You can see the **exact** JSON payload that your instance sends to GitLab
in the "Usage statistics" section of the admin panel.
Nothing qualitative is collected. Only quantitative. That means no project
names, author names, comment bodies, names of labels, etc.
The usage ping is sent in order for GitLab Inc. to have a better understanding
of how our users use our product, and to be more data-driven when creating or
changing features.
The total number of the following is sent back to GitLab Inc.:
- Comments
- Groups
- Users
- Projects
- Issues
- Labels
- CI builds
- Snippets
- Milestones
- Todos
- Pushes
- Merge requests
- Environments
- Triggers
- Deploy keys
- Pages
- Project Services
- Projects using the Prometheus service
- Issue Boards
- CI Runners
- Deployments
- Geo Nodes
- LDAP Groups
- LDAP Keys
- LDAP Users
- LFS objects
- Protected branches
- Releases
- Remote mirrors
- Uploads
- Web hooks
Also, we track if you've installed Mattermost with GitLab.
For example: `"mattermost_enabled":true"`.
More data will be added over time. The goal of this ping is to be as light as
possible, so it won't have any performance impact on your installation when
the calculation is made.
GitLab sends a weekly payload containing usage data to GitLab Inc. The usage
ping uses high-level data to help our product, support, and sales teams. It does
not send any project names, usernames, or any other specific data. The
information from the usage ping is not anonymous, it is linked to the hostname
of the instance.
You can view the exact JSON payload in the administration panel.
### Deactivate the usage ping
......@@ -89,8 +42,8 @@ By default, usage ping is opt-out. If you want to deactivate this feature, go to
the Settings page of your administration panel and uncheck the Usage ping
To disable the usage ping and prevent it from being configured from the
administration panel, Omnibus installs can set the following in
To disable the usage ping and prevent it from being configured in future through
the administration panel, Omnibus installs can set the following in
......@@ -107,14 +60,6 @@ production: &base
usage_ping_enabled: false
## Privacy policy
GitLab Inc. does **not** collect any sensitive information, like project names
or the content of the comments. GitLab Inc. does not disclose or otherwise make
available any of the data collected on a customer specific basis.
Read more about this in the [Privacy policy](
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