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API: ability to create a wall note

parent 2a98a060
v 3.2.0
- [API] create notes for snippets and issues
- [API] list notes for snippets and issues
- [API] list project wall notes
- [API] list, create issue notes
- [API] list, create snippet notes
- [API] list, create wall notes
- Remove project code - use path instead
- added username field to user
- rake task to fill usernames based on emails create namespaces for users
......@@ -87,6 +87,22 @@ Parameters:
## New note
### New wall note
Create a new wall note.
POST /projects/:id/notes
+ `id` (required) - The ID or code name of a project
+ `body` (required) - The content of a note
Will return created note with status `201 Created` on success, or `404 Not found` on fail.
### New issue note
Create a new issue note.
......@@ -17,6 +17,24 @@ class Notes < Grape::API
present paginate(@notes), with: Entities::Note
# Create a new project wall note
# Parameters:
# id (required) - The ID or code name of a project
# body (required) - The content of a note
# Example Request:
# POST /projects/:id/notes
post ":id/notes" do
@note = params[:body]) = current_user
present @note, with: Entities::Note
NOTEABLE_TYPES.each do |noteable_type|
noteables_str = noteable_type.to_s.underscore.pluralize
noteable_id_str = "#{noteable_type.to_s.underscore}_id"
......@@ -30,6 +30,14 @@
describe "POST /projects/:id/notes" do
it "should create a new wall note" do
post api("/projects/#{}/notes", user), body: 'hi!'
response.status.should == 201
json_response['body'].should == 'hi!'
describe "GET /projects/:id/noteable/:noteable_id/notes" do
context "when noteable is an Issue" do
it "should return an array of issue notes" do
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