Commit ed00ab75 authored by Marin Jankovski's avatar Marin Jankovski Committed by Marin Jankovski

Merge branch 'fix-500-login-disabled' into 'master'

Fix 500 error on login page if ldap enabled and sign-in disabled

Related to gitlab/gitlabhq#1701

See merge request !1209
parent ba22e3ae
......@@ -2,22 +2,22 @@
%h3 Sign in
- if ldap_enabled? && gitlab_config.signin_enabled
- if ldap_enabled?
- @ldap_servers.each_with_index do |server, i|
%li{class: (:active if i==0)}
%li{class: (:active if}
= link_to server['label'], "#tab-#{server['provider_name']}", 'data-toggle' => 'tab'
= link_to 'Standard', '#tab-signin', 'data-toggle' => 'tab'
- if gitlab_config.signin_enabled
= link_to 'Standard', '#tab-signin', 'data-toggle' => 'tab'
- @ldap_servers.each_with_index do |server,i|{id: "tab-#{server['provider_name']}", class: (:active if i==0)}
- @ldap_servers.each_with_index do |server, i|{id: "tab-#{server['provider_name']}", class: (:active if}
= render 'devise/sessions/new_ldap', provider: server['provider_name']
= render 'devise/sessions/new_base'
- if gitlab_config.signin_enabled
= render 'devise/sessions/new_base'
- elsif ldap_enabled?
= render 'devise/sessions/new_ldap', ldap_servers: @ldap_servers
- elsif gitlab_config.signin_enabled
= render 'devise/sessions/new_base'
- else
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