Commit eae5f8aa authored by Robert Speicher's avatar Robert Speicher

Merge branch 'cache-max-user-access-name' into 'master'

Memoize the maximum access level for the author of notes

Cache the maximum access level for each user in a map in the controller
In #19273, we saw that retrieving ProjectTeam#human_max_access for each note takes the bulk of the time when rendering certain issues or merge requests. We observe that most of the comments in an issue are typically done by the same users. This MR memoizes the max access level by user ID.

See merge request !4982
parents 47648a50 20688cdf
......@@ -69,4 +69,14 @@ def link_to_reply_discussion(note, line_type = nil)
button_tag 'Reply...', class: 'btn btn-text-field js-discussion-reply-button',
data: data, title: 'Add a reply'
def note_max_access_for_user(note)
@max_access_by_user_id ||= do |hash, key|
project = key[:project]
hash[key] =[:user_id])
full_key = { project: note.project, user_id: note.author_id }
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
%a{ href: "##{dom_id(note)}" }
= time_ago_with_tooltip(note.created_at, placement: 'bottom', html_class: 'note-created-ago')
- access =
- access = note_max_access_for_user(note)
- if access and not note.system
%span.note-role.hidden-xs= access
- if current_user and not note.system
require "spec_helper"
describe NotesHelper do
describe "#notes_max_access_for_users" do
let(:owner) { create(:owner) }
let(:group) { create(:group) }
let(:project) { create(:empty_project, namespace: group) }
let(:master) { create(:user) }
let(:reporter) { create(:user) }
let(:guest) { create(:user) }
let(:owner_note) { create(:note, author: owner, project: project) }
let(:master_note) { create(:note, author: master, project: project) }
let(:reporter_note) { create(:note, author: reporter, project: project) }
let!(:notes) { [owner_note, master_note, reporter_note] }
before do
group.add_owner(owner) << [master, :master] << [reporter, :reporter] << [guest, :guest]
it 'return human access levels' do
original_method =
expect_any_instance_of(ProjectTeam).to receive(:human_max_access).exactly(3).times do |*args|[1])
expect(helper.note_max_access_for_user(owner_note)).to eq('Owner')
expect(helper.note_max_access_for_user(master_note)).to eq('Master')
expect(helper.note_max_access_for_user(reporter_note)).to eq('Reporter')
# Call it again to ensure value is cached
expect(helper.note_max_access_for_user(owner_note)).to eq('Owner')
it 'handles access in different projects' do
second_project = create(:empty_project) << [master, :reporter]
other_note = create(:note, author: master, project: second_project)
expect(helper.note_max_access_for_user(master_note)).to eq('Master')
expect(helper.note_max_access_for_user(other_note)).to eq('Reporter')
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