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- [Project Services](user/project/integrations/ Integrate a project with external services, such as CI and chat.
- [GitLab Integration](integration/ Integrate with multiple third-party services with GitLab to allow external issue trackers and external authentication.
- [Trello Power-Up](integration/ Integrate with GitLab's Trello Power-Up
# Trello Power-Up
GitLab's Trello Power-Up enables you to seamlessly attach
GitLab **merge requests** to Trello cards.
![GitLab Trello PowerUp - Trello card](img/trello_card_with_gitlab_powerup.png)
## Configuring the Power-Up
In order to get started, you will need to configure your Power-Up.
In Trello:
1. Go to your Trello board
1. Select `Power-Ups` to see a listing of all the available Power-Ups
1. Look for a row that says `GitLab` and select the `Enable` button
1. Select the `Settings` (gear) icon
1. In the popup menu, select `Authorize Account`
In this popup, fill in your `API URL` and `Personal Access Token`. After that, you will be able to attach any merge request to any Trello card on your selected Trello board.
## What is my API URL?
Your API URL should be your GitLab instance URL with `/api/v4` appended in the end of the URL.
For example, if your GitLab instance URL is ``, your API URL would be ``.
If your instance's URL is ``, your API URL will be ``.
![configure GitLab Trello PowerUp in Trello](img/enable_trello_powerup.png)
## What is my Personal Access Token?
Your GitLab's personal access token will enable your GitLab account to be accessed
from Trello.
> Find it in GitLab by clicking on your avatar (upright corner), from which you access
your user **Settings** > **Access Tokens**.
Learn more about generating a personal access token in the
[Personal Access Token Documentation][personal-access-token-documentation].
Don't forget to check the API scope checkbox!
[personal-access-token-documentation]: ../user/profile/personal_access_tokens.html
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