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Add usage example for the Office 365 GetPersonaPhoto-service.

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......@@ -67,3 +67,16 @@ Run `sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure` for changes to take effect.
In order to use a different set other than `identicon`, replace `&d=identicon` portion of the URL with another supported set.
For example, you can use `retro` set in which case the URL would look like: `plain_url: "{hash}?s=%{size}&d=retro"`
## Usage examples
#### For Microsoft Office 365
If your users are Office 365-users, the "GetPersonaPhoto" service can be used. Note that this service requires login, so this use case is
most useful in a corporate installation, where all users have access to Office 365.
gitlab_rails['gravatar_plain_url'] = '{email}&size=HR120x120'
gitlab_rails['gravatar_ssl_url'] = '{email}&size=HR120x120'
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