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Add documentation for bulk editing of issues and merge requests

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# Bulk Editing
- A permission level of `Reporter` or higher is required in order to manage
- A permission level of `Developer` or higher is required in order to manage
merge requests.
Fields across multiple issues or merge requests can be updated simutaneously by using the bulk edit feature.
- Bulk editing of issues and merge requests is only available at the project level.
To access the feature, navigate to either the issue or merge request list for the project and click 'Edit Issues' or 'Edit Merge Requests'. This will cause a sidebar to be shown on the right-hand side of the screen, where the available, editable fields are displayed. Checkboxes will also appear to the left-hand side of each issue or merge request, ready to be selected.
Once all items have been selected, choose the appropriate fields and their values from the sidebar and click 'Update All' to apply these changes.
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### Issue's API
Read through the [API documentation](../../../api/
### Bulk editing issues
Find out about [bulk editing issues](../../project/
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[Read more about Review Apps.](../../../ci/review_apps/
## Bulk editing merge requests
Find out about [bulk editing merge requests](../../project/
## Tips
Here are some tips that will help you be more efficient with merge requests in
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