Commit dfb8d2b7 authored by David Pursehouse's avatar David Pursehouse

Improve status message on merge request page

The status message currently looks like:

  Created on Oct 24, 2013 by John , currently assigned to Bob

There is a space between the author name and the comma, which is
incorrect.  Also, there is no period at the end of the sentence,
which makes it inconsistent with the following line:

  Merged by Bob 5 minutes ago.

Change it to:

  Created on Oct 24, 2013 by John.  Currently assigned to Bob.

Also change the milestone information from:

  and attached to milestone XYZ


  Attached to milestone XYZ.
parent 00d6ac29
......@@ -13,13 +13,14 @@
Created on #{@merge_request.created_at.stamp("Aug 21, 2011")} by #{link_to_member(@project,}
Created on #{@merge_request.created_at.stamp("Aug 21, 2011")} by #{link_to_member(@project,}.
- if @merge_request.assignee
\, currently assigned to #{link_to_member(@project, @merge_request.assignee)}
Currently assigned to #{link_to_member(@project, @merge_request.assignee)}.
- if @merge_request.milestone
- milestone = @merge_request.milestone
%cite.cgray and attached to milestone
%cite.cgray Attached to milestone
%strong= link_to_gfm truncate(milestone.title, length: 20), project_milestone_path(milestone.project, milestone)
- if @merge_request.description.present?
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