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# GitLab Help custom text
In larger organizations it is useful to have information about who has the responsibility of maintaining the company GitLab server.
1. Navigate to the admin area, click on **Preferences** and expand **Help page**.
1. Under **Help text** fill in the required information about the person(s) administering GitLab or any other information relevant to your needs.
![help message](help_message/help_text.png)
1. After saving the page this information will be shown on the GitLab login page and on the GitLab `/help` page (e.g., <>).
![help text on help page](help_message/help_text_on_help_page.png)
description: Learn how to customize GitLab's appearance for self-managed installations.
# Customizing GitLab's appearance **[CORE ONLY]**
For GitLab self-managed instances, it's possible to customize
a few pages.
Read through the following documents to adjust GitLab's
look and feel to meet your needs:
- [Custom login page](
- [Custom header and email logo](
- [Custom favicon](
- [Libravatar](
- [New project page](
- [Custom `/help` message](
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# Customize the complete sign-in page
Please see [Branded login page](
# Add a welcome message to the sign-in page (GitLab Community Edition)
It is possible to add a markdown-formatted welcome message to your GitLab
sign-in page. Users of GitLab Enterprise Edition should use the [branded login
page feature]( instead.
The welcome message (extra_sign_in_text) can now be set/changed in the Admin UI.
Admin area > Settings
This document was moved to [another location](
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