Commit d89db911 authored by Paul Slaughter's avatar Paul Slaughter
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Fix FogBugz import form col sizing

parent df164bb9
......@@ -11,16 +11,16 @@
In the next steps, you'll be able to map users and select the projects
you want to import.
= label_tag :uri, 'FogBugz URL', class: 'col-form-label col-sm-8'
= label_tag :uri, 'FogBugz URL', class: 'col-form-label col-md-2'
= text_field_tag :uri, nil, placeholder: '', class: 'form-control'
= label_tag :email, 'FogBugz Email', class: 'col-form-label col-sm-8'
= label_tag :email, 'FogBugz Email', class: 'col-form-label col-md-2'
= text_field_tag :email, nil, class: 'form-control'
= label_tag :password, 'FogBugz Password', class: 'col-form-label col-sm-8'
= label_tag :password, 'FogBugz Password', class: 'col-form-label col-md-2'
= password_field_tag :password, nil, class: 'form-control'
= submit_tag 'Continue to the next step', class: 'btn btn-create'
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