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Commit d74cfe7d authored by Rémy Coutable's avatar Rémy Coutable

Merge branch 'bugfix/jschatz1/missing-project-button' into 'master'

Fix group projects styles

Makes new project button visible when no projects are available.
Fixes #13193 


# AFTER (w/projects)

# AFTER (no projects)

cc @creamzy @skyruler 

See merge request !2714
parents bd71438d 798c2200
......@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@ class Dispatcher
when 'groups:new', 'groups:edit', 'admin:groups:edit', 'admin:groups:new'
new GroupAvatar()
when 'projects:tree:show'
shortcut_handler = new ShortcutsNavigation()
new TreeView()
when 'projects:find_file:show'
shortcut_handler = true
= form_tag request.original_url, method: :get, class: 'project-filter-form', id: 'project-filter-form' do |f|
= search_field_tag :filter_projects, params[:filter_projects], placeholder: 'Filter by name...', class: 'input-short project-filter-form-field form-control projects-list-filter', spellcheck: false, id: 'project-filter-form-field'
- if current_user && current_user.can_create_project?
= link_to new_project_path, class: 'btn btn-new' do
= icon('plus')
New Project
- if @projects.present?
= search_field_tag :filter_projects, nil, placeholder: 'Filter by name', class: 'projects-list-filter form-control', spellcheck: false
- if can? current_user, :create_projects, @group
= link_to new_project_path(namespace_id:, class: 'btn btn-new pull-right' do
= icon('plus')
New Project
= render 'shared/projects/list', projects: @projects, projects_limit: 20, stars: false, skip_namespace: true
......@@ -32,10 +32,9 @@
= link_to "#activity", 'data-toggle' => 'tab' do
- if @projects.present?
= link_to "#projects", 'data-toggle' => 'tab' do
= link_to "#projects", 'data-toggle' => 'tab' do
- if can?(current_user, :read_group, @group)
%div{ class: container_class }
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