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update changelog, add remainder 6.6.X changlog entries

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......@@ -24,6 +24,18 @@ v 6.7.0
- Faster authorized_keys rebuilding in `rake gitlab:shell:setup` (requires gitlab-shell 1.8.5)
- Create and Update MR calls now support the description parameter (Greg Messner)
v 6.6.5
- Added option to remove issue assignee on project issue page and issue edit page (Jason Blanchard)
- Hide mr close button for comment form if merge request was closed or inline comment
- Adds ability to reopen closed merge request
v 6.6.4
- Add missing html escape for highlighted code blocks in comments, issues
v 6.6.3
- Fix 500 error when edit yourself from admin area
- Hide private groups for public profiles
v 6.6.2
- Fix 500 error on branch/tag create or remove via UI
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