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Docs for MR pipeline rule interactions

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## Excluding certain jobs
The behavior of the `only: merge_requests` rule is such that _only_ jobs with
that rule are run in the context of a merge request; no other jobs will be run.
However, you may want to reverse this behaviour, having all of your jobs to run _except_
for one or two. Consider the following pipeline, with jobs `A`, `B`, and `C`. If you want
all pipelines to always run `A` and `B`, but only want `C` to run for a merge request,
you can configure your `.gitlab-ci.yml` file as follows:
``` yaml
.only-default: &only-default
- master
- merge_requests
- tags
<<: *only-default
- ...
<<: *only-default
- ...
- ...
- merge_requests
Since `A` and `B` are getting the `only:` rule to execute in all cases, they will
always run. `C` specifies that it should only run for merge requests, so for any
pipeline except a merge request pipeline, it will not run.
As you can see, this will help you avoid a lot of boilerplate where you'd need
to add that `only:` rule to all of your jobs in order to make them always run. You
can use this for scenarios like having only pipelines with merge requests get a
Review App set up, helping to save resources.
## Important notes about merge requests from forked projects
Note that the current behavior is subject to change. In the usual contribution
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