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......@@ -49,6 +49,25 @@ Starting with GitLab 11.4, Gitaly is a replacement for NFS except
when the [Elastic Search indexer](
is used.
### Network architecture
- gitlab-rails shards repositories into "repository storages"
- gitlab-rails/config/gitlab.yml contains a map from storage names to
(Gitaly address, Gitaly token) pairs
- the `storage name` -\> `(Gitaly address, Gitaly token)` map in
gitlab.yml is the single source of truth for the Gitaly network
- a (Gitaly address, Gitaly token) corresponds to a Gitaly server
- a Gitaly server hosts one or more storages
- Gitaly addresses must be specified in such a way that they resolve
correctly for ALL Gitaly clients
- Gitaly clients are: unicorn, sidekiq, gitlab-workhorse,
gitlab-shell, and Gitaly itself
- special case: a Gitaly server must be able to make RPC calls **to
itself** via its own (Gitaly address, Gitaly token) pair as
specified in gitlab-rails/config/gitlab.yml
- Gitaly servers must not be exposed to the public internet
Gitaly network traffic is unencrypted so you should use a firewall to
restrict access to your Gitaly server.
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