Commit cc2734f6 authored by Yorick Peterse's avatar Yorick Peterse Committed by GitLab Release Tools Bot
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Merge branch 'tr-update-gitlab-ui-2.0.4' into '11-8-stable'

Update GitLab UI to latest version

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!25428

(cherry picked from commit d5ab93a6)

67b2203b Update GitLab UI to latest version
parent 8b603ba9
......@@ -658,10 +658,10 @@
resolved ""
integrity sha512-B1Wdhfy5ZClkHuaaCUUZyOBF8CFxxHqxGGhveRekOowtlMExa3tx+YkqNa5XPsEVMF6Aqnh8evQmmN4b+zrHVQ==
version "2.0.2"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-rUWVhWmM9EkwIEruYJEjizrQKe7TzNyKArwWY/nfEL4HptDtwbe+xHfR8IJHbpql3oI87cTO3BheMxYF6b2Ebg==
version "2.0.4"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-dJ+KKpeqIAPYZtYZeciXhC/whNiGPVRjp5IgjQRddh3zsreqmfwQq58nSH7HepAAIepaqTe0UFuzBgrSWvVM6w==
babel-standalone "^6.26.0"
bootstrap-vue "^2.0.0-rc.11"
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