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No changes to nginx config in this update. Removed unnecessary instructions.

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See merge request !2879
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......@@ -81,27 +81,6 @@ There are new configuration options available for [`gitlab.yml`](config/gitlab.y
git diff origin/8-3-stable:config/gitlab.yml.example origin/8-4-stable:config/gitlab.yml.example
#### Nginx configuration
GitLab 8.3 introduced major changes in the NGINX configuration. Ensure you're
still up-to-date with the latest changes:
# For HTTPS configurations
git diff origin/8-3-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab-ssl origin/8-4-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab-ssl
# For HTTP configurations
git diff origin/8-3-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab origin/8-4-stable:lib/support/nginx/gitlab
If you are using Apache instead of NGINX please see the updated [Apache templates].
Also note that because Apache does not support upstreams behind Unix sockets you
will need to let gitlab-workhorse listen on a TCP port. You can do this
via [/etc/default/gitlab].
[Apache templates]:
#### Init script
We updated the init script for GitLab in order to set a specific PATH for gitlab-workhorse.
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