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Update error tracking settings docs

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......@@ -22,8 +22,12 @@ GitLab provides an easy way to connect Sentry to your project:
1. Sign up to or [deploy your own](#deploying-sentry) Sentry instance.
1. [Find or generate]( a Sentry auth token for your Sentry project.
Make sure to give the token at least the following scopes: `event:read` and `project:read`.
1. Navigate to your project’s **Settings > Operations** and provide the Sentry API URL and auth token.
1. Ensure that the 'Active' checkbox is set.
1. Navigate to your project’s **Settings > Operations**.
1. Ensure that the **Active** checkbox is set.
1. In the **Sentry API URL** field, enter your Sentry hostname. For example, ``.
1. In the **Auth Token** field, enter the token you previously generated.
1. Click the **Connect** button to test the connection to Sentry and populate the **Project** dropdown.
1. From the **Project** dropdown, choose a Sentry project to link to your GitLab project.
1. Click **Save changes** for the changes to take effect.
1. You can now visit **Operations > Error Tracking** in your project's sidebar to [view a list](#error-tracking-list) of Sentry errors.
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