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Commit c34186f8 authored by Marin Jankovski's avatar Marin Jankovski
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Refactor project watchers collecting.

parent e6fbf79b
......@@ -178,21 +178,41 @@ def project_was_moved(project)
# Get project users with WATCH notification level
def project_watchers(project)
project_watchers = []
member_methods = { project => :users_projects }
member_methods.merge!( => :users_groups) if
member_methods.each do |object, member_method|
# Get project notification settings since it has higher priority
user_ids = object.send(member_method).where(notification_level: Notification::N_WATCH).pluck(:user_id)
project_watchers += User.where(id: user_ids)
# next collect users who use global settings with watch state
user_ids = object.send(member_method).where(notification_level: Notification::N_GLOBAL).pluck(:user_id)
project_watchers += User.where(id: user_ids, notification_level: Notification::N_WATCH)
# Gather all user ids that have WATCH notification setting for project
project_notification_uids = project_notification_list(project, Notification::N_WATCH)
# Gather all user ids that have WATCH notification setting for group
group_notification_uids = group_notification_list(project, Notification::N_WATCH)
# Gather all user ids that have GLOBAL setting
global_notification_uids = global_notification_list(project)
project_and_group_uids = [project_notification_uids, group_notification_uids].flatten.uniq
group_and_project_watchers = User.where(id: project_and_group_uids)
# Find all users that have WATCH as their GLOBAL setting
global_watchers = User.where(id: global_notification_uids, notification_level: Notification::N_WATCH)
[group_and_project_watchers, global_watchers].flatten.uniq
def project_notification_list(project, notification_level)
project.users_projects.where(notification_level: notification_level).pluck(:user_id)
def group_notification_list(project, notification_level)
if notification_level).pluck(:user_id)
def global_notification_list(project)
project_notification_list(project, Notification::N_GLOBAL),
group_notification_list(project, Notification::N_GLOBAL)
# Remove users with disabled notifications from array
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