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Update Prometheus documentation to indicate on by default

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......@@ -17,10 +17,7 @@ GitLab monitors its own internal service metrics, and makes them available at th
`/-/metrics` endpoint. Unlike other [Prometheus] exporters, in order to access
it, the client IP needs to be [included in a whitelist][whitelist].
Currently the embedded Prometheus server is not automatically configured to
collect metrics from this endpoint. We recommend setting up another Prometheus
server, because the embedded server configuration is overwritten once every
[reconfigure of GitLab][reconfigure]. In the future this will not be required.
For Omnibus and Chart installations, these metrics are automatically enabled and collected as of [GitLab 9.4]( For source installations or earlier verisons, these metrics will need to be enabled manually and collected by a Prometheus server.
## Unicorn Metrics available
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